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I would love to hear from you! Feel free to contact me by phone or email below, or use the form to send me a message. I will be in touch with you as soon as possible!  If you do not hear back when using the web form, please call, text, or email me, as the form doesn't always work the way it's supposed to!


Phone: 760.846.3995

Thank you for your interest in Perfect Balance Fitness!

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How does the booking process work?


Once you've viewed the class options and reserved your session(s), the sytem will bring you to the payment page.  All payments are processed through Paypal.  You don't need a Paypal account.  Payments are due at the time of booking.  After confirmation of payment, you will receive an email confirmation of your purchase as well as an appointment reminder email 24-hours prior to your session(s).


How exactly does the Class Pack option work?


You can choose a 5 or 10-pack option for any of the services, which gives you an opportunity to save on multiple sessions. Once you've chosen your option, be sure to choose the first date to activate the pack and submit payment.  After payment process is completed, return to the Book Online page and select "Group Classes".  Then, use the "Schedule A Class Pack Group" button to add in the remaining session dates from the calendar.  You should do this as early as possible as sessions may fill up.  All sessions must be used within 30 days of the first session date of the class pack.  See cancellation policy for detail.


Why do I have to book a minimum of two sessions for the Private Fitness Training option?

Private Fitness Training is a customized program designed to meet your goals.  Our first meeting is your initial assessment where we meet to discuss what you'd like to accomplish and measure some baseline health and fitness information.  This process is important in giving us the data we need to design a safe and effective exercise program for you.  Please note that medical clearance may be required prior to your first actual exercise session.  We are also available to work with your physician if he/she has prescribed an exercise prescription for you.

Why do I need to know how to swim in order to take a SUP lesson or SUP Fitness/Yoga class?


For your safety and for the most enjoyable experience during your session, we want you to be completely comfortable in and around water.  You may fall off of your board, so with that said, you need to be able to swim and be comfortable in the water and with transferring back onto your board.  Leashes and Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs) are always required and will be provided.


I've tried SUP before and was never required to wear a leash, why do I have to wear one for my lesson?


Conditions on the water can suddenly change, even on the calmest days.  Wind pattern, off-shore variables, wakes from boats and jet skis, etc... can change the conditions of the lagoon or bay at any time.  This may cause your board to drift away from you if you fall in and wearing your leash will prevent this from happening.  Some areas also require by law that you wear a leash and a  PFD or have it onboard.  Your safety comes first, leashes and PFDs save lives!

 Did You Know?

Perfect Balance Fitness is partnered with Carlsbad Village Athletic Clubs & CA State Beach Parks to bring our activities to the beach. We are proud to support these organizations and pleased to give a percentage of our revenue from our beach classes in support of our State Beach Parks. 




  • Please wear comfortable clothes that will be easy to move in when performing various poses.  Sunglasses and hats are recommended for sunny locations.

  • A yoga mat, hand towel and sunscreen - We recommend placing a beach towel under your yoga mat for outdoor locations.

  • A water bottle and light snack to have on hand

  • Please arrive 20 minutes early to your first session for introduction and paperwork. 


  • You acknowledge that you have the ability to swim a minimum of 25 yards.  This is required to take any of the SUP classes.  

  • Please wear clothes you can get wet in such as board shorts, swimwear, rashguard, etc... Bring a change of clothes just in case you get wet and wear an inexpensive hat and sunglasses that you won't mind loosing. Trucker hats are best because they float.  Be sure to wear sunscreen and leave your valuables at home.

  • For SUP Yoga, it's recommended that you wear swimwear underneath yoga clothing or SUP Yoga specific apparel.

  • Let us know if you are bringing your own board, paddle, leash/PFD and anchor.

  • All clients are required to wear or have a PFD on the board and may be required to wear a leash.  We'll provide if you don't have them.   

  • Bring a towel, sunscreen, water and light snack to have on hand.

  • Please arrive 20 minutes early to your first session for introduction and paperwork. 

  • SUP Instruction minimum age is 13.  SUP Yoga and SUP Fitness Classes Adult only.


  • Please wear comfortable athletic wear and closed-toe athletic shoes, hat and sunglasses.  Dress according to the elements.

  • Bring a towel, sunscreen, water and a light snack to have on hand. 

  • Please note that medical clearance may be required prior to beginning your first exercise session.  The Fitness Class options are Private or Semi-Private Small Group (up to 4 people only).  

  • Please arrive 20 minutes early to your first session for introduction and paperwork. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Prior to any session with Perfect Balance Fitness, please make sure you are properly hydrated and you have eaten a light meal.  Proper hydration and nutrition are key in fueling any activity!  

We reserve the right to require a doctor's medical clearance prior to beginning an exercise program.


Bookings must be reserved, at the latest, 24-hours in advance prior to the session time and prepaid in full online at the time of the booking.    

  • Pre-reserved sessions must be cancelled 24-hours in advance of class time to be rescheduled or refunded. Cancellations or No-Shows received after the 24-hour cancellation period are not eligible for rescheduling and are non-refundable.  If you are more than 15-minutes late without notice by phone, your session will be forfeited.


  • For clients who purchased a 5 or 10-Class Pack:  Time starts on the day selected.  All sessions for the class pack purchased are based on availability, so we recommend reserving them early.  If you are a No-Show or you cancel your reservation AFTER the 24-hour cut-off time, one class will be deducted from your purchased Class Pack.  The Group Class Packs can be used within a 3 month period.  Any unused sessions will be forfeited after the 3 month period.  


  • For clients who book any of the SUP classes:  Please note that classes may be cancelled the day of class due to unfavorable weather conditions.  Classes may also be cancelled several days before the class date due to rainfall.  Your safety comes first, so if this occurs, we will reschedule or issue you a refund.


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